10 Proven Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Real Estate Marketing Strategies

10 Proven Real Estate Marketing Strategies

The world of real estate is constantly on the move and making sure you have a real estate marketing strategy in place is crucial. These days as a real estate agent you'll need to equip yourself with market skills not only online but offline. 

Many potential clients tend to do their research before approaching any real estate professionals. A study from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) showed that 92% of buyers use the internet to start looking for a home. This is why it's important to have a real estate marketing strategy in place so when they are researching about homes you have a better chance of popping up along their journey. 

What is a Real Estate Marketing Strategy

A real estate marketing strategy refers to your game plan for reaching new potential leads and turning them into clients. This should revolve around what you're able to provide to a home buyer/seller, a dedicated message, an idea of who you want to work with, and the traffic sources on how you're going to get in contact with these leads. 

Once you have laid out your real estate marketing plan you now have a clear understanding of where you're aiming and you can start executing.

Set up your social media accounts

One of the easiest traffic sources for real estate marketing is social media. The top social media platform for real estate agents tend to be Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. When creating your profile here are some key points that you can include:

  • Your name 
  • Your brokerage
  • Contact info ( Phone number / Email) 
  • What neighborhoods do you specialize in?
  • Any awards 
  • Hobbies 
  • Website 

You want to make sure a potential lead can see who you are and if they want to get in contact, they have the right information to call you. 

10 Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Now that we have your social media account setup, how are you going to be marketing real estate? Here are 10 real estate marketing ideas that you can use right now.

Post on Social Media

As mentioned, social media is one of the easiest ways to start generating leads for real estate. A large portion of Twitter's, Facebook's and Instagram's age demographic is 25-34 which is normally when people start searching for a home. 

If you're having trouble figuring out what to post, we actually have a list that covers 24 real estate posts for social media. 

Promote your services with Paid Ads

Along with your organic social media strategy, you can start running paid ads. While it does use a bit of capital, paid ads allow you to target your exact demographic. With paid ads, you can target an audience that follows specific criteria like:

  • Age 
  • Location 
  • Interests
  • Keywords 

Keep in mind, some paid ad platforms have certain rules that limit what you can promote, we recommend promoting lead magnets or blog that can help potential leads learn more about the market in return for their contact info.

Create a Lead Magnet

Lead magnets are typically items you create which entices people to give you their contact information. Some examples are reports, white papers, eBooks, audiotapes, videos, and webinars. The idea is to create a lead magnet that gets people excited about giving you their information so you can follow up with them.  From a real estate perspective, a lead magnet could be a report that tells how much money they would save by buying a home in a certain area instead of renting. Or perhaps a report on how much money they would make if they bought a certain home instead of renting. Whatever the case may be, creating a lead magnet is an excellent addition to any real estate marketing plan 

Create an Email Campaign / Newsletter 

An email campaign is simply a series of emails you send out over a period of time to your list of customers or clients. These emails could consist of a simple sales message, holiday greetings, or even a regular newsletter. What you are trying to do with your email campaign is entice your list to respond so you can start warming up your leads. In the case of a Realtor, what you are trying to entice your list to do is work with. Here are some real estate email ideas that you can send out:

  • A list of current homes you have listed 
  • Real estate tips for homebuyers & sellers 
  • Market updates 
  • Lead Magnets 

Create a Real Estate Blog

A real estate blog is simply a website that is designed to help people who are interested in real estate get more information or see your latest listings. You can create blog content about different aspects of real estate. These posts could be about how to buy or sell a house, about new products and services available for home buyers or sellers, or any other related topics. What makes a blog powerful for real estate marketing is that it becomes its own lead magnet for your real estate marketing plan. Make sure to have your contact info visible and you may be receiving a call in no time.  

Network with Other Local Businesses

Marketing real estate shouldn't be complicated and a simple way to market yourself is to network with other local businesses. It will give you an opportunity to expand your circle and possibly even do some business together. You will not only be able to learn a lot about their business, but you'll also be able to make some great new contacts yourself. Referral business is huge and meeting new people and having good interactions, will make it more likely that your name will be passed around. \ \ Think about businesses that interact with large numbers of people daily. For example, you can network with hairdressers, dentists, and bankers. Another good option is to network with people who indirectly work in the real estate space like financial partners, moving companies, painters, etc. Remember, it's also a two-way street so make sure to provide value back and return the favor.  

Offer Free Home Valuations

Free home valuations are a simple way of generating new seller leads. Potential home sellers are curious in knowing how much their home is worth. Add a home valuation plugin on your website and start capturing those seller leads. After your visitor enters their physical address, they are prompted to provide their name, email address, and other information in order to receive their home valuation report. After they provide this information, you have a new lead that you can contact.

Host or Attend an Event/Webinar

Another great way to market yourself and your services are to host or attend an event. Local events are a great way to meet people and expand your network as mentioned earlier. Events give you the opportunity to talk one-on-one with people and find out if there is an opportunity to work together. 

As the organizer, you should do most (if not all) of the work needed to put the event together. This will give you the chance to meet new people, show off your expertise and establish yourself as the go-to person to work with. Maybe host an event covering tips for new homebuyers or how to make a home stand out in the market, just make sure to collect emails throughout the event that way you can stay in contact with your fellow attendees. 

Real Estate Mailers

Postcards are an affordable way to market your real estate business. They're versatile, and you can use them in many ways: To generate interest when you have an open house, to get feedback from your current customers, and to collect leads from people who haven't even seen your listing. They're also a great way to expand your client list, get more deals closed, and sell properties faster and for more money.

Review Your Competition

"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer " in this case take a look at what other realtors are doing and take note of their real estate marketing plan. What are they posting on social media? Are they offering any free lead magnets? If it's working for them, give it a try and of course, add your own spin to it, or even better, go a step further so you can stand out of the pack. 

Real Estate Marketing Plan Template

Marketing real estate shouldn't be complicated and now that you have 10 new real estate marketing strategies at your fingertips, here is what we recommend for your marketing plan to start generating consistent real estate leads. 

  • Start a social media page and upload content at least twice a week.
  • Create a free lead magnet in return for emails and promote it through paid ads 
  • Collect the emails and start a real estate newsletter that you send out once a week. 

With these three strategies in place, it will give you a solid foundation and allows you to have a system to produce consistent leads. 

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