24 Real Estate Posts for Social Media

24 Real Estate Posts for Social Media

As a realtor, are you feeling like you should post more? Social media has become a powerful tool for many real estate businesses and as a realtor, you're able to take advantage of these platforms. Create real estate social media posts and start generating real estate leads in no time. In this post, we cover twenty-four ideas that you can use right now, for your real estate social media content 

Why Should Real Estate Agents Post on Social Media?

Did you know: " 47% of real estate businesses that use social media get higher quality leads versus other sources"

This is why social media for real estate has become a popular pipeline to generate real estate leads. There is no reason why a realtor should be excluding this strategy from their marketing plan. 

Which Social Media Platform is Best for Real Estate?

With multiple social media platforms out there, we recommend these social platforms for realtors:


Being the oldest out of the three, Facebook for realtors is a great platform to start posting on. The largest age group being between 25-34 (Which is 26.3% of the platform) is the ideal candidate to generate real estate leads. 


Being the sibling of Facebook, Instagram for realtors is another great addition to your real estate marketing plan. The largest age group also being between 25-34 (Which is 33.1% of the platform) thus creates more opportunities to find new leads for your real estate listings. 


Since Millennials make up the majority of the current market, Twitter for realtors is a no-brainer.

In fact, nearly one-third (37%) of Twitter users are between the ages of 18-29, and another quarter (25%) are between the ages of 30-49. This makes Twitter perfect to generate real estate leads for your business. 

What Should Real Estate Agents Post on Social Media

Now that we got that out of the way, you're probably thinking what should I post? The goal of social media isn't always about selling, but building trust and connect with people. The more you're able to do this, makes people want to work with you or refer others to you.

If all your social media posts are boring and don't provide any value, why would anyone want to connect with you? Well, you're in luck, because here are our top twenty-four real estate posts that all realtors should be using for their real estate social media content. 

24 Real Estate Posts for Social Media

Giveaways or contests

Everyone likes free stuff and it's also an excellent way of giving back to your following. If you're looking to grow your followers and raise engagement, running a giveaway is an easy way of doing this.  It doesn’t always need to be a product, but make sure it’s something your followers will want. Gift cards or tickets to local events always do well on social media.

The common setup for a giveaway is normally requiring the person to follow, like, or comment on the social media post. There are also tasks that require a little more energy but can help increase your reach. Asking them to tag their friends, share the post on their story, or retweeting the posts can help further your reach. You can also use this opportunity to collect data from your following. For example: In order for someone to earn the chance to win ask them to comment "what they look for in a home?" or "how did they find their current home?".\ Make them work for it and you can get some insight into who your following is. 


Running polls on social media is a great way to get feedback, build engagement, and helps generate content ideas for your social media. Here are some post ideas you can ask:

  • This VS That 
  • Would you rather 
  • Ask questions on the type of content they want to see 
  • True or False 

Use polls to start collecting data on your following and if you find a topic/question that gets a lot of attention, you can use it for your next social media post. Remember, polls don't always have to be serious either. We all enjoy a good laugh so have fun with it and express yourself. 

Open Houses 

Posting an open house on your social media helps promote more foot traffic to your open houses. Our recommendation is to create a few social media posts that you can post throughout the week. You can use it to drive some buzz before the date. Showcase the best rooms, the neighborhood, or the lifestyle. Remember to include details such as the address, date, time, and of course, your contact information. 

Neighborhood Guide

Do you specialize in a specific neighborhood? Anyone looking to purchase a home in the area will want more info on what's around or if it's a good place to raise a family. A neighborhood guide will be the perfect source to help attract buyers to that area. You can showcase your favorite restaurants in the neighborhood, activities they can do, or events they can attend. 

New Listings 

Have any new real estate listings? It's time to show it off on social media. Post a photo or video of the new home and let your followers know! Not only does it let new buyers see a potential home, but allows others to know you're active and incline them to work with you. 

Sold Posts 

Congratulations! Not only for yourself but for your clients! Create a post of either the home itself or even better, a photo of the happy home-buyers/sellers placing the sold sticker. If you share your successes, others may want to work with you when they are thinking to move. People also love a good story, so adding a bit of recap of the journey in your captions of the selling/buying process is always a positive.

Market Update

People are always wondering when is it a good time to buy or sell their home. Create a market update post covering what’s going on in the current market, What can buyers and sellers expect, and help guide them on making the right decision. It may also help to provide information on a specific neighborhood you specialize in. 

Real Estate Tips for Buyers 

You're the real estate professional, why not share some of that knowledge? First-time home buyers will have thousands of questions, so start sharing your best tips. What should they know about showings, credit ratings, and the steps of purchasing a home? Once they know you're knowledgeable in space, they may pop up in your message box asking further questions.

Real Estate Tips for Sellers 

Just like buyers, sellers are also looking for tips about selling their homes. Take your experience of selling homes and turn it into bite-sized pieces of content. For example "Tips on staging your home?" or "Mistakes sellers should avoid", the possibilities are endless. 

Property Video Tour 

Not everything you post online has to be a photo. Create a video of the property and display all the best features of the home. Whether it's professionally shot or you simply showing off the room, potential buyers will appreciate the deeper look at the home. Plus if it includes you, the viewers will become more comfortable with meeting you as they will know how you look, sound, and speak.

Client Testimonial 

Whether you help a client sell or buy a home, quickly grab a testimonial from them. No matter how well you market yourself, future clients will want to hear their experience working with you. A quick tip is to have a story highlight on Instagram that includes all your reviews, that way they can be seen quickly from altogether. 

Community Service or Charity

Buyers and sellers don't want to work with a realtor who is just a robot or displays no value. While your negotiation and business skills are important skills to have as a real estate agent, that's half the battle. What you do outside your work is important, how do you help out your community? Let your following know and encourage others to get involved.

Day in a Life

As all real estate professionals, you’re selling more than just a property, a potential home buyer wants to picture themselves living there. What would their day-to-day look like in the home? Depending on the property you can describe the morning routine or if it's a family home, you can describe the layout of the home. 

Free Resources 

Create guides, courses, webinars, eBooks, and more to help a potential home buyer or seller. Creating content shows that you're knowledgeable and that you care about your clients. Once you're finished you can share it across your social media platforms, website blog, and email list. In addition, you can also have it linked right in your bio for quick access. 

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes doesn't only work for movies but also when you're selling a home. If you're taking photos of the home, creating a video, or just staging the property. Get a snippet of it and post them on your social media profiles. It's an easy way to build some hype and let your followers see all the hard work that happens in the background. 

Fun Facts & Trivia

Along with tips, you can add some value with some real estate facts and trivia. You can create some engagement and let your followers feel a little smarter. 

Question and Answers

Doing a Q&A is a great way to share your knowledge with your following and provides the exact answers your following is looking for. You can either request questions from your followers earlier in the day or answer questions that you see pop-up frequently. You can create a photo to answer the questions, record a video with an explanation, or taking it a step further with a live stream. If you choose to do a live stream, make sure to create some buzz earlier in the day that way people will know beforehand. 

Holiday Greetings 

Is there a holiday coming up? Holiday posts are an easy way to keep up with your social media posts. You can greet your followers a Merry Christmas, a Happy Halloween, or even a happy birthday. 

Home of the Week

Feature a property that catches your eye. It can be a home that you're currently listing or just a home that looks unique. Anything different is always a hit on social media. 

Share Home Decoration Ideas 

Staging a home to showcase its prime features is a big part of getting a home sold. In fact, 88% of homes that were staged, sold 20% faster than homes that aren’t staged. Provide tips or ideas on how your following can highlight features in their home or make their property stand out compared to other listings. It may take be an extra effort for some, but it's totally worth it.

Double Post Your Listings to Increase Your Reach

When you post on social media, typically only a fraction of your audience initially sees it. Not everyone checks their social media at the same time so part of your following may miss out on your post. One way to combat this is to double up on your posting for the day, post once in the morning and once in the evening. 

The trick here is to make sure both posts aren't exactly the same. We recommend sharing one photo of the exterior of the home first and a few photos of the interior later that day. This way, the post won't look identical when it’s still for the same home. You can do this with multiple properties and essentially double up on your real estate social media content.

Share Charts and Graphs of Your Success 

Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest investments for most people, and potential clients tend to do their homework. If you’ve sold a lot of homes or helped a record number of happy clients you can turn this into a chart or graph. You can display your total of homes sold, year-over-year growth, or the number of happy clients you have worked with.

Share Milestones / Achievements 

Share key milestones: like how long you have been a real estate professional or how long you've been an expert in the neighborhood. Remember to keep it humble, because while people want to work with the best, they also don't want to work with someone who just brags. 

Turn Your Testimonials into Stories  

Testimonials do wonders, but stories even do better. Instead of just posting a photo of a home being sold, why not give a little insight on the journey. This will give a client an idea of what it's like to work with you and the testimonial becomes more relatable. Here's a quick framework that can help you lay out the story. 

What is the name of the client? 

What is their current situation?

What do they want to achieve?

What obstacles did they run into?

Why did they choose you?

What did you do to make the process seamless? 

What was the end result? How did it change their life?

Real Estate Social Media Templates

With real estate marketing, lots of the heavy work is creating the content. This is why many realtors rely on real estate templates. These templates are pre-made posts that only require a few changes in order to make a brand new post. This could be simply changing a photo or some text on the post.

For more info, you can check out our blog post covering everything you need to know about social media templates. (There are some gold nuggets in there).

Create a Real Estate Social Media Content Calendar

Once you have chosen which content you're going to create, it's time to lay out a schedule on what you're going to post and when you're going to post the content. We recommend coming up with a schedule that you can follow consistently. For more information, visit our Real Estate Social Media Content Calendar blog post.

Real estate social media shouldn't be hard and we hope this list provides inspiration for your next content ideas. If you're looking for an easier way to automate your social media posts or save time brainstorming real estate social media content, Try out Hyre30 today for free. Hyre30 is how realtors create a month's worth of social media posts in 5 minutes or less.