5 Realtor Instagram Bio Examples

5 Realtor Instagram Bio Examples

Here are 5 realtor Instagram bio examples that you can use to write your best Instagram bio. If you're a realtor on Instagram, you must have seen countless other realtors' Instagram bios. In this blog post, we will cut out the fluff and provide you with all info necessary to create the best Instagram bio for real estate. 

What Makes a Good Instagram Bio for Real Estate? 

Social media marketing for real estate agents has become a popular marketing strategy over the last few years.

When a new potential lead comes to your profile they may want to know a few things:

  • What you can provide/offer?
  • What areas do you serve?
  • Your experience?
  • How to get in contact with you?

With those questions in mind, you will need to write your Instagram bio in a way that covers all the bases. It may be challenging with the character limit but that's the difference between a boring bio and an attractive real estate Instagram bio.

How to Write a Real Estate Instagram Bio? 

Curious about how to write your Instagram bio for real estate? Here is the general layout most realtors follow when writing their Instagram bio.

Real Estate Bio Template:

  • Title. What's your job title? You can simply place "Realtor" or show some personality/specifics with your title. 
  • Description. What do you provide or offer? Maybe you focus on first home-buyers or growing families. People like working with specialists
  • Location. What neighborhoods do you serve? “[Location] realtor” can help you save space or you can give the location its own line.
  • Call to Action. This is generally leading someone to click on your link or to get in contact with you.  This is very dependent on your real estate marketing strategy.

5 Real Estate Agent Bio Samples 

Here are 5 real estate Instagram bio templates that you can just copy and with an example using each Instagram bio example. Select one that best fits your needs.

New Real Estate Agent Instagram Bio 

How to write a bio for new real estate agent? While you may be new to the industry, Here is a short bio template for new real estate agents:

Tyler | Real Estate Agent | LA 

A-Z LA Realty 

Helping homeowners find their dream home stress-free! 

Click the link in the bio for more info


[Name] | Real Estate Agent | [Location]\ \ [Brokerage]\ \ [Slogan/Focus]\ \ [Call to action]

Luxury Real Estate Agent Instagram Bio

As a luxury realtor, you want to display your experience and awards:

Jennifer G | New York | Luxury Realtor 

10 Years of Experience & Top 1% in NY 

NY Lux Realty 

Get the most for your home today! 


[Location] | Luxury Real Estate Agent 

[Years of Experience or Awards]


[Call to action]

Personal Realtor Instagram Bio 

Having a personal bio makes you more approachable and gives you character:

Helping working professionals find their dream home!

Real Estate Agent in Dallas 

READ Realty 

Pineapple on pizza enjoyer 

Get a free home evaluation today!



Real Estate Agent | [Location]


[Fun Fact or Hobby]

[Call to action]

Short Real Estate Agent Instagram Bio 

How to write a short bio for a real estate agent? If you're someone who lets their work do the talking, here is a short real estate agent bio that you can use:

Reese C. | Top 1% Realtor in Seattle

RSEA realty 

Get in touch today!  


[Name] | Real Estate Agent | [Location]


[Call to action]

Real Estate Agent Bio With No Experience

How do you write a real estate bio with no experience? Here's a new real estate agent bio that you can use to get started:

RE Professional | SF 

REP Realty 

Helping first-time home-buyers get their dream home 

Let's Chat! 


[Name] | Real Estate Agent | [Location]



[Call to action]

As you can see there are multiple ways you can write out your Instagram bio for real estate. You can either select the exact formats written above or take parts here and there. Overall, if you can follow the real estate bio template, any potential lead that lands on your profile will know everything they need to start working with you.

If you're needing more real estate bio examples, we have written another blog post that includes 5 winning bio templates that you can use on other social media platforms.