Real Estate Social Media Templates

Real Estate Social Media Templates

Real estate social media templates are life-savers for busy real estate agents.  With most of their focus being on helping their current clients, their social media marketing to generate leads does tend to get placed on the bottom of the list. 

Social media marketing for real estate does get time-consuming and having real estate templates, allows real estate professionals to be effective with the little time they have.

What is a Real Estate Social Media Template? 

Real estate templates are pre-made designs or posts that are created to save a realtor time when it comes to social media content. Typically all the posts follow a similar theme or style and allow the real estate agent to make minor changes to create new content.

The most popular templates are:

  • Real estate Facebook post templates
  • Real estate Instagram post templates

This has become a popular strategy among many realtors, as it helps real estate agents keep a steady pulse when it comes to social media marketing and can fit into any real estate marketing plan. 

Social Media Templates for Real Estate Agents

When it comes to creating real estate templates for social media no matter the platform, it depends on the type of content you're looking to post and the frequency of how often you're going to be posting this content.

We recommend finding a schedule that you're able to maintain consistenly. Get a feel for the process and start posting once every week and then slowly ramp up content as you find your rhythm.

What Should Real Estate Agents Post on Social Media?

The most popular social media posts by real estate agents are:

  • Homes for sale social media posts
  • Homes sold social media posts
  • Open houses social media posts
  • Questions and answers posts
  • Market updates posts

With your real estate marketing plan, lay out the type of content you are wanting to create and start designing a post with a cookie-cutter-like format. 

For example, for a market update create a template where you just have to adjust numbers for each month,- or if it's posted for a new listing, create a template where you can simply change the pricing, location, and photo.

You will need to get a little creative at the beginning but once it's made, it will save you hours.

What Are Good Real Estate Social Media Marketing Templates?

A good real estate marketing template should align with your real estate marketing strategy. There is no point in creating a template if you're not going to post that social media post more than once.

In addition, the real estate template should be easy to change and edit. If you're redesigning the whole social media post each time that's not a template, that's a new post. The purpose of the real estate social media post template is to save you time and should only require minor changes.

How to Create the Best Real Estate Social Media Templates

The most popular platform to create real estate social media templates is in Canva. It's a free tool developed by Facebook and should give you a good base to create real estate templates. There are also countless other mobile apps or if you're tech-savvy then Photoshop is more than capable. 

Any design tool will work and if you're able to create consistent social media content with it, then why not. Find a tool that best fits your needs and run with it.

Best Real Estate Social Media Templates

Starting your first real estate templates is probably the hardest part of the whole process, However there are easier ways to start.

Automated Real Estate Tools

If you're searching for an effortless alternative, Hyre30 allows realtors to create a month's worth of social media content in 5 minutes or less. With over 150 ready-to-go posts and pre-made templates, it's the best tool for any busy real estate agent - try it out today for free real estate social media templates.

Purchase Pre-made Real Estate Social Media Templates

There are many other creative people out there and lucky for you, some have done all the heavy lifting. With a quick google search you can find libraries of pre-made real estate templates that include everything you need. However, some templates do come with a hefty price.

Lucky for you, we got 75% OFF on 1,600+ Real Estate Social Media Posts that you could use right now!

Real estate social media marketing templates are a no-brainer and should be used by all real estate agents. They allow you to continue focusing on your current clients and produce social media content consistently without the extra workload. 

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