7 Real Estate Marketing Tools to Generate Real Estate Leads

7 Real Estate Marketing Tools to Generate Real Estate Leads

If you're a real estate agent looking to generate real estate leads, there is no better place to start than by adding real estate marketing tools to your marketing plan. But where do you start? There are lots of different tools and apps available made for real estate marketing. In this post, we are going to cover 7 powerful real estate marketing tools that you absolutely must have, if you want to save time and generate consistent real estate leads. 

Why Use Real Estate Marketing Tools?

As a Realtor you’re busy with open houses, generating new leads, dealing with lenders, inspectors and making sure your current clients are happy. How are you staying ahead? Using real estate marketing tools or real estate apps, allows you to be efficient with your time and have an effective real marketing strategy. 

Best Apps for Real Estate Marketing

  1. Task & Project Management 
  2. Social Media Automation for Real Estate 
  3. CRM for Real Estate 
  4. Website for Real Estate 
  5. Virtual Document Signing 
  6. Email Marketing for Real Estate 
  7. Chatbots for Real Estate 

Task & Project Management Tools for Real Estate 

If you work alone or are part of a real estate team, there can be lots of moving parts. As the leader of the team, it’s your job to make sure everything is organized. Using tools like Trello helps you organize tasks easily. Create your boards and click-and-drag the tasks, the best part is that the free version of Trello is very powerful so you can start utilizing it right away. By having everything organized, you can focus on the tasks at hand and become a well-oiled machine.

Social Media Automation for Real Estate 

Social media for real estate marketing has become a staple for many real estate agents. However, one of the biggest hurdles to having a good real estate social media strategy is having quality social media posts and content. That's why tools like Hyre30 allow real estate agents to generate a month's worth of real estate social media posts in five minutes or less. It's becoming a top marketing tool for realtors!

No longer do you have to make the excuse of not posting on social media, as Hyre30 will help you automate the content creation process. Try Hyre30 today for free and see how easy it is to create social media posts for real estate. 

Looking for more real estate ideas for social media posts? Check out our list of 24 Real Estate Social Media Posts.

CRM for Real Estate 

If you have been working in the real estate space you will know how important a CRM is. CRM or customer relationship management software brings all your marketing pipelines such as your email marketing, social media accounts, and cold calls all in one spot.

A good CRM should allow you to track every single lead that comes into your real estate business. There are many options out there, but we recommend HubSpot as they offer a free plan, and it's a great way to start.

Having a Real Estate Website 

Most real estate agents have a website but don't utilize it as a marketing tool. Properly optimizing your website will allow you to pull in more web traffic which can convert to qualified leads, prospects, and then customers. You have full control of your website so use it to its fullest potential. 

There are two ways to turn your website into a lead generating machine:

Blogging About Real Estate

Start writing quality content based on the real estate market. Whether it's just a market update for the month or first-time home-buyer tips, creating blog content enforces that you're a knowledgeable professional in the space. In addition, allows you to start popping up in Google whenever someone searches specific questions. 

Real Estate Lead Magnets

Offering lead magnets on your website in return for a lead's contact info is a win-win situation. The lead gets the information they are looking for and you will be contacting them to guide them further through their journey. 

Virtual Document Signing 

Tools like DocuSign allow real estate agents to deliver paperwork from anywhere. This makes it easy for realtors to get signatures and manage your client's paperwork from one location. Using DocuSign allows you to keep your books organized and no longer forget a signature. Imagine one day you forget to get something signed, you simply send over the contract virtually and they can just sign it in minutes. The days of last-minute house calls and visits are in the past!

Email Marketing for Real Estate 

Now that you have built ways to attract and keep track of leads, what do you do with them? Email marketing in real estate allows you to nurture these leads to get them from prospects to qualified leads. We recommend tools like Mailchimp, which gives you a good foundation to start your email campaigns. As you collect the email addresses of these potential leads, you can start to send out targeted emails that keep them engaged. 

Send updates about new homes on the market, market updates, or introduce new development. All of these will keep qualified leads interested and engaged. You can go a step further and customize each email. For example, send prospects listed properties that fit specific criteria that they may have requested for, or that you think they might be interested in. 

Email marketing is one of the best ways to keep connect with your prospects and ensure you never lose a potential lead just because they're not quite ready.

Chatbots for Real Estate

Adding a Chatbot to your real estate marketing strategy is like living in the future. These real estate marketing apps work around the clock making sure you can engage with leads 24/7. The majority of potential leads don't all go home searching at the same time, especially some that spend some of their midnight weekdays trying to find that dream home. Adding a chatbot to your social media pages or website allows you to connect with a potential lead at any time even when you're not available. You can set the chatbot to message someone directly, you can make them ask questions, or even promote your lead magnet. No matter which method you choose, a chatbot does an excellent job of making your real estate business available whenever a lead is wanting to get in contact with you.

Overall, like any profession having the right tools for the job makes your life easier. There are many more marketing apps for realtors but the ones we have listed above will place you on another level versus the other agents. Start becoming more efficient with your time and add these real estate marketing tools and apps to your marketing strategies! 

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