Real Estate Marketing with Linkedin

Real Estate Marketing with Linkedin 

Real estate marketing with LinkedIn is different compared to other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for real estate agents. LinkedIn is oriented towards professionals and businesses which offer you a direct line to these types of clients. 

However, To get the most out of your LinkedIn efforts here are some tips to better engage with your prospects, attract attention to your brokerage and create an effective LinkedIn strategy for real estate. 

Why Should a Real estate agent Have a LinkedIn?

One of the easiest ways for real estate agents to generate real estate leads is by networking, but most of the time to network you would need to attend an event or even host one. LinkedIn cuts the hassle and allows you to start conversations with someone in a few clicks. 

While there are more active users on the other platforms, people normally use those platforms to relax and socialize. Since the ecosystem is different on LinkedIn, LinkedIn posts that are focused on your real estate business tend to do better on LinkedIn. 

In addition, since the website is full of other real estate agents, other professionals may use the platform to help find their next agent to work with to sell their home.

LinkedIn Profile to Generate Real Estate Leads

When using LinkedIn to generate real estate leads, everything points to your profile page so you want to make sure it's complete and compelling. 

Profile Photo:

People want to know who they are working with so make sure to have a professional headshot.

Banner Image:

To make it simple, a banner or background image should include everything you would place on a bus ad. Have your name, contact info, logo, brokerage, and any awards displayed on the banner. 


A headline is a short description at the top of your LinkedIn profile. It’s a mini-bio that highlights what you're able to provide and specialize in. This can change depending on your marketing goals but we recommend keeping it short and simple 

Professional Info:

In this section, you can describe your professional life and accolades as these may matter when a potential client lands on your LinkedIn page. Make sure to exclude the fluff and only include the information that someone would care about. Think of your page as your highlights reel.

You can include:

  • Education and certifications
  • Current job plus *relevant** past jobs with short descriptions
  • Professional awards and honors you’ve received
  • Volunteer experience
  • Projects you’ve worked on
  • Skills you have that are relevant to being a real estate agent 

This will help build credibility as a professional and allows LinkedIn to better understand who to recommend you to.

For an extra tip, avoid having huge boxes of text, as it's hard to digest. Break up the text into sections and it will become a lot easier to read. 

Prospect Real Estate Leads with LinkedIn

LinkedIn for real estate marketing is a valuable tool. With nearly 900 million members worldwide, it's one of the largest and fastest-growing social media platforms. LinkedIn's Advanced Search gives the ability to discover background information and helps you to identify new prospects.

When you find someone you want to connect with, send a connection and always send a personalized message. Remember, the point here isn't to sell to them straight away but to actually build a connection and earn their trust. They may not the be ones looking for a new home but they can know someone who is. 

Ask questions about their business or highlight one of their posts. People tend to love to talk about themselves so start the conversation about them and avoid being a sales robot.  

A bonus tip is to connect with HR professionals and others who can refer business to you. Like construction companies, Human resources who help new employees find a home, relocation services, etc.  – they’re all on LinkedIn.

In addition, if you read our last blog post 10 Proven Real Estate Marketing Strategies you can easily incorporate some of those methods when prospecting your next real estate leads.

Start or Join a Group

Similar to other social platforms, LinkedIn allows members to join and create groups. LinkedIn is filled with different communities, including many in the real estate industry. We recommend joining a group that you share an interest with or are able to weigh in the conversation. This will give you new places to turn to for advice, ideas, increase your visibility, and start making connections with possible leads.

Starting your own group also has several benefits. You will naturally be a leader within the group and can boost your credibility, making you a resource within the community. In terms of real estate content, make sure that not every post is just directly marketing your business, unless someone else specifically asks for a real estate agent recommendation. Solely just promoting your business is usually taken as spam and annoying, you want to be authentic with each interaction. Publish your own posts, add to discussions with ideas and advice, and even share other people's posts.

Host an Event 

As LinkedIn is built to create networks, promoting an event on LinkedIn is a lot better than the other social media platforms. You can also partner up with other professionals in the space and host the event together. For example, partner with a mortgage broker and cover everything from searching for a house to financing it. We recommend posting a few social media posts before the date and let your connections know beforehand what's going on.

Share Content

LinkedIn is a great place to post content for marketing real estate. Since its algorithm works differently compared to the others, your post can be seen by a lot more people. 

Just like any real estate blog and other social media accounts, posting consistently is key to growing leads. Search some of the top real estate agents and brokerages on LinkedIn to find any trend or to see what type of content they are posting. Not all content needs to be made by you, you can share interesting facts or articles you think others could benefit from. It's also nice to share other people's content in your network as they might return the favor when you post.

If you're looking for social media post ideas for real estate we have you covered with 24 Real Estate Posts for Social Media. This should allow you to create content for the whole month and spark ideas for the next.

Overall real estate marketing with LinkedIn is a no-brainer for any real estate agent. It allows you to build strong relationships with just a few clicks. If you're wondering how the top real estate agents are able to create consistent social media content for their LinkedIn page, try out today for FREE. It allows Realtors to create a month's worth of social media posts in 5 minutes or less.